Midsummer Tour

15 days

Itinerary details

Welcome to Sweden and to Mid Scandinavia tours! The first night is in a hotel booked in ”Gamla Stan” which is translated as ”the old part of Stockholm city”. This part of the town is the quintessential stop in Stockholm with the cobble stone streets and old world architecture. Our hotel for the night dates back its history from 1607. It’s located 1,2 km from the central station where the trains and air port busses stops. We will help you and recommend the best transport to the hotel for you.


The hotel staff are ready to extend a warm welcome in the afternoon to give you time to get ready for tonights dinner experience. Meet up is at 5 pm in the hotel reception and we will head out for a walk in the old narrow streets of Stockholm. While strolling to our dinner reservation for the night the local guide will tell you about the town and it ́s history. This Viking themed restaurant will give you a memory for a lifetime and a full stomach. Stepping in to this restaurant feels like a time travel through the Swedish history! We enjoy good food, traditional drinks and get to know each other better to the tones of Viking music!


  • Included activities: historical walk, dinner at a Viking restaurant.

  • Included meals: Dinner

  • Driving distance: No driving today

  • Accommodation: Hotel Sven Vintappare, Stockholm, Sweden

Today is a full day to explore Stockholm before we start our drive onwards to the north later in the afternoon. Stockholm has a lot to offer visitors and we have hand selected a selection of the best sights for you! We meet each other in the hotel lobby at 8:30 am and enjoy today together as a group. If you have your own plan for today that’s also fine and we can meet up at the hotel at the designated time before we head north.


The experiences that we chose to show in Stockholm today is amongst other things, the old castle with the changing of the guard ceremony, the houses of parliament and a whole a lot more. This has been the historical town that has been an defining place for Sweden and an important maritime port since the Middle Age.


After the morning exploring, we stop for lunch and pack up. Its time to board our coach for the first part of our drive north. It wont take long before we leave the urban and are immersed in the pine forests surrounding us on both sides of the road. After a busy day in the capital it will be nice to arrive at the old little school in Dalarna that has been converted to a beautiful hotel.


  • Included Activities: Guided tour in Stockholm, including among others; the parliament building, the royal castle, changing of the guards, and the old town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan.

  • Included meals: Breakfast and lunch

  • Driving distance: 3,5 hours

  • Accommodation: Tällbergsgårdens Hotel, Tällberg, Sweden 

Tällberg is located in the heart of Sweden and the region is called “Dalarna”. Dalarna is famous for its art, handcraft and a colorful history of how Sweden became its own independent country. Our first stop for today will be a place where we can watch the handcraft behind the traditional Dala horse. This is also a perfect place to buy the essential Swedish souvenirs to take back to loved ones back home! The lunch today will afford us a fabulous view of the area and the lake. The drive today really gives us the feeling that we are heading north. We will drive through forests for what seems like hours on end. It’s a unique feeling of being in the middle of nature and completely surrounded by trees. Our accommodation for tonight is a mountain hotel in Klövsjö.



  • Included activities: Local Handcraft (Dalahästar), visit a mountain farm

  • Included meals: Breakfast, lunch

  • Driving distance: 3,5 hours

  • Accommodation: Klövsjö Högfjällshotell, Klövsjö, Sweden

After a couple of intense days it’s time to take a peaceful morning. Enjoy a laid back Scandinavian breakfast, relax in the spa or go for a hike on mountain located just outside your hotel window. Ask us for a selection of activities if a chill morning is not really your cup of tea. We board the coach and depart at lunch time and drive onwards into town. The name of our town is Östersund but to locals the name doesn’t always matter, as we just have one town in the area we just say that we “head into town”.


Get your camera ready because we will meet the king of the forest today, the Swedish Moose! We will get off the bus and walk down to the forest where our Moose friends are waiting for us. There are loads of wild moose in the area but just this moose is actually tame and living on a moose farm. Fun story: Your local guide have even been feeding a couple of them with bottles when they were mere calves. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to kiss and hug a moose! As the day draws to a close and the summer night starts to cool it’s time to head inside and enjoy a warm meal.


  • Included activities: Guided Moose tour

  • Optional activities: Spa

  • Included meals: Breakfast, dinner

  • Driving distance: 2 hours

  • Accommodation: Frösö Park Hotel, Frösön, Sweden

When you live this far in the north and have a mere 3 hours daylight per day in the winter Midsummer really need to be a day filled with happiness and celebrations! The sun just settles under the horizon for just a couple of hours but it ́s light the whole night. We start the day like most Swedish people do on Midsummer with picking flowers and making midsummer wreaths before we head of to the local museum. This is the place where most people in the area gather for traditional celebration and dancing around the maypole. The museum also offers a chance to experience the history of the area and learn about what it was like to live in Sweden back in the old days. Travel through time with a talented guide, that with other role players, makes history come alive!


Here you can also find the exhibition Vikings and the ancient woven cloths “Överhogdalsbonaderna”. These fabrics have existed for more than 1000 years and depicts a world miles away from the one we live in today. Jamtli is also home to a branch of the National Museum
with unique collections of Nordic paintings, sculptures and other artwork dating from 1500-1900.


We end the day with the Swedish ”Smörgåsbord”. Before we fall asleep with seven flowers under
our pillow.


  • Included activities: Midsummer celebrations together as group and entrance fee to the
    historical museum Jamtli

  • Included meals: Breakfast and dinner

  • Driving distance: 1 hour

  • Accommodation: Frösö Park Hotel, Frösön, Sweden 

If you have travelled all the way to the northern part of Europe it’s a must to walk in the footprints of the Vikings. Our first stop for today is the northern most located Runestone in Sweden. We learn how to read the runic writing and decipher the message. We will also take the chance to walk a short part of the St. Olav Pilgrim trail. A path that carries deep meaning and contains the history of the Viking Olav Haraldsson, born in 995. Our next stop for today is meeting the tame reindeer named Rudolf! You will get the possibility to take photos with him and we will learn more about the native people as we drive through their land, an area called ”Sapmi”. Alongside the Sami culture, farming forms an important part of the existence in the mountains. We will learn about the minimalistic way of living in the middle of the forest, far from a stressful life. We will be offered a meal, traditional mountain cuisine that is produce on the farm.


  • Included activities: Visit an old mountain farm, meet a reindeer, runestones and following Viking history.

  • Included meals: Breakfast and lunch

  • Driving distance: 2,5 hours

  • Accommodation: Copperhill mountain loge, Åre, Sweden

After spending a few days together as a group we split up for some free time doing as you wish. Sleep in or walk up the mountain and enjoy the view. Shop at all the small shops of Åre filled with traditional handcraft from the area and high-quality outdoor brands that have their roots here. Åre also offers a lot of optional activities such as downhill mountain biking, kayaking, fishing and yoga just to mention some of them. If you want to do a mountain hike Totthummeln offers a beautiful view over the valley.


”Åre” is a place where tourists started to come over 100 years ago and today it has become the biggest tourist destination in northern Sweden. The towns origins started when rich people from the cities travelled to Åre for the fresh mountain air and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the little village. Still today people come here for the same reason but now there is a whole lot more to offer also. We will help you find the perfect activity today. If you want a day filled of activities and adventure, a calm day out in the nature or just enjoy the hotel spa, Åre offers something for everyone!


  • Optional activities: Spa, cycling, kayak, hiking, yoga and a lot more

  • Included meals: Breakfast

  • Driving distance: Nothing except for the transfer to your chosen activity.

  • Accommodation: Copperhill mountain loge, Åre, Sweden

Do you remember the Viking Olav Haraldsson? The one who’s footsteps we were following earlier on this tour? Well today we will drive the road that he walked, over the mountains and across the border into Norway. We travel all the way to Trondheim, the end point of his pilgrimage outside the big cathedral called ”Nidarosdommen”. This is the history of how Sweden turned from their traditional belief in the Norse gods and started believing in Christianity. We will also stop at Sweden’s biggest waterfall along the way. Look forward to a beautiful drive! In the late afternoon we will arrive in Trondheim. Feel free to take time and explore this beautiful town on your own.


    • Included activities: Sweden’s biggest waterfall, sample an authentic Swedish ”Fika”, explore Trondheim.

    • Included meals: Breakfast, swedish fika (cookies and coffee )

    • Driving distance: 3 hours

    • Accommodation: Clarion Hotel Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway

We start the day by boarding our coach after a good hotel breakfast and start our drive south through Norway. The coastal road offers breathtaking views and we will stop often to stretch our legs and marvel at the surrounding nature and small villages that we are passing through. Expect a full day on the road with our fellow guests that by now we are familiar with. Our hotel for tonight offers a genuine Norwegian feeling and is located on a little island. We board the boat in the afternoon and arrive in good time for the three-course dinner!


  • Included activities: A day on the road and lots of beautiful stops and views. Boat tour to our hotel.

  • Included meals: Breakfast and dinner

  • Driving distance: 4 hours

  • Accommodation: Håholmen havstuer – by classic Norway hotels, Håholmen, Norway

The Atlantic road is often regarded as the most beautiful road in Norway and today offers a chance for you to agree! This road is truly something espectacular. We will drive over the bridges that connects a host of small islands. We pass through tunnels under water and the road with the most curves in Norway named Trollstigen, the Troll Path. It will take us up the mountains and down to the fjords. We will end our day by arriving to Geiranger, the Unesco World Heritage site elected fjord. Use the evening to walk around the small village located in the valley of this unique fjord and prepare yourself for a full day here tomorrow!


  • Included activities: Scenic drive and the most curved road in Norway.

  • Included meals: Breakfast

  • Driving distance: 4 hours

  • Accommodation: Hotel Union Geiranger AS, Geiranger, Norway

This fjord has a whole lot to offer! We will help select the best activity for you. A favorite recommendation is to take the guided boat tour that takes you through the beautiful scenery of the 15 km long fjord. The boat also takes passengers close to the waterfalls known as ”The seven sisters”. If you prefer a more personal experience of the fjord then we recommend to book a guided kayak tour. The area also offers fantastic hikes, ranging from easy to more challenging ones. We always hope for nice weather but if that isn’t the case Geiranger is still a place that gives you a view to remember. In cases of overcast or cloudy weather then a day in the hotel spa with the mountains in the background is a perfect idea, alongside a visit to the local museum.


  • Included activities: Guided hiking tour with a view over Geiranger fjord

  • Optional activities: SPA, Guided bout tour, kayak tour, local museum.

  • Included meals: Breakfast

  • Driving distance: No driving today

  • Accommodation: Hotel Union Geiranger AS, Geiranger, Norway

Today is just another day on the Norwegian roads! We will start the day with driving the winding road from the Geiranger Fjord and do a short photostop where we get a view from a different angle of the Fjord. Use the chance to say farewell to the Fjord as we head up the mountains. We wont forget to stop for many shorter photostops on this beautiful road. Along the way we stop at a museum where we will get the chance to learn even more about this area. Lunch today is served on a restaurant located at the top of the mountain and we will take a gondola to get there. By now we can promise that you have seen more snow-covered peaks than you can count but now is our chance to get a close encounter with a glacier. The road will now take us over ”Bøyabreen” glacier and we will do a short walk to the viewpoint. Our stop for tonight is the traditional Norwegian hotel right by ”Fjærland” Fjord.


  • Included activities: A glacier visit, gondola, walk on snow in the middle of the summer, visit Jostedalsbreen National Park Center.

  • Included meals: Breakfast

  • Driving distance: 5 hours

  • Accommodation: Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel & Restaurant, Fjærland, Norway

If you have ever dreamed of meeting Vikings in real life, then today is the day that that dream comes to life. Our agenda for today is to visit the ”Viking Valley” where role playing actors bring the Viking age to life. We will sample Viking food and walk around in Viking the village.
We will be driving literally through mountains today. Its obviously hard to build roads over mountains with such high peaks and that is the reason tunnels through mountains are built as a way to connect many of Norway’s isolated valleys. Our final stop Beitostølen is famous for its hiking and those with energy can use the remainder of the day to enjoy the surroundings. Remember it never gets dark during the Scandinavian summer nights!


  • Included activities: Viking Valley Gudvangen

  • Included meals: Breakfast and lunch

  • Driving distance: 5 hours

  • Accommodation: Radisson Blu Mountain Resort, Beitostølen, Norway

After being surrounded by mountains, fjords and forest for almost 14 days it can actually be a welcome break when we return to the city life again. Today we head back to civilization and drive to the capital of Norway directly after breakfast, to give you as much time as possible in Oslo. Join a guided city walk or feel free to explore the capital city on your own, when we arrive in the afternoon. We meet up in the evening for a farewell dinner and together reminisce and look at photos from the tour and remember all the things we have done together!


  • Included Activities: Guided city walk, reminisce the tour together

  • Optional activities: Group dinner, Munchmuseet, The opera house, Nobel Peace Center

    along with many other things.

  • Included meals: Breakfast

  • Driving distance: 4 hours

  • Accommodation: Amerikalinjen, Oslo, Norway

After breakfast the guide will meet you in the reception and we will drive you to the airport. Please note that you need to book your transport yourself if you are leaving later. The train and bus station is located just five minutes walk from our accommodation.


The midsummer tour offers a high standard on accommodation with the possibility to upgrade to a single room all of the nights. All the hotels are carefully selected for their service and proximity to nature and/or historical location.  

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