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Mid Scandinavia Tours takes you off the beaten tourist track to the most hidden and unique places in Scandinavia.

The Tours that we offer

Experience St Olavsleden, the northernmost located pilgrim trail in the world and learn about the viking Olav that later became Olav the holy and the King of Norway.

This 580-kilometer log trail will take us by coach and by foot from the Baltic Sea in the east of Sweden, to the Atlantic Ocean in the west of Norway.


10 days

July 2025
Start: Sundsvall, Sweden
End: Trondheim, Norway
Price twin-share: 39.700 SEK

Midsummer is a day that especially looked forward to and enjoyed by everyone living in the north who have longed for bright summer nights after a long winter. It will be a celebration filled with flowers, dance, happiness and light!




15 days 

June 2025
Start: Stockholm, Sweden
End: Oslo, Norway
Price twin-share: 52.700 SEK

Experience the warm Scandinavian culture and Christmas traditions while you travel through the snow-covered landscape.  This trip also offer us a chance to get to know the Sami culture. You will either experience a cosy Christmas market or the celebration of St Lucia depending on the date you travel. 


8 days

December 2024, December 2025
Start: Trondheim, Norway
End: Trondheim, Norway

Price twin-share: 39.900 SEK

Customise and create your own trip, whether it be, when and how long you travel. Choose exactly what captures your interest, be it the Nordic nature, history, craft, animals or being a part of the local community, the choice is yours.

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking an exciting adventure or just want to find the calm rhythm of nature, Mid Scandinavia Tours is here for you.





Views form the tours

A sneak peek of Mid Scandinavia

From the moment you book a guided coach tour with us you can be sure that you are in good hands. You will be traveling in a small group of 10 to 15 people and we’ll arrange everything from hotels, activities and local meals. Tailor made tours are also offered where we plan and book the trip on request. 

We’re ready to be your local guide, revealing the secret places of mid Scandinavia!


What other people say about Jennifer the founder of Mid Scandinavia Tours


"Jennifer is a fun, friendly, inclusive leader with a real skill for bringing people together on a group adventure and making everyone feel relaxed. She is organized and confident in the outdoors, and her stories from growing up in Sweden are so interesting and unique! I would love to go on another tour with Jennifer and see the best of Sweden through her eyes!"
"Jennifer is a great guide and a better human being. Her care of all 23 participants on our tour is incredible. She both desires for us to have great experiences and does all the logistics to make our experiences happen. I am massively grateful for her and equally as impressed by her organizational abilities."
Morgan Rich


This is Mid Scandinavia Tours

Mid Scandinavia Tours is founded by Jennifer Kristensson. She grew up in mid Scandinavia where the summer nights are bright and the winter bring its magic. After some years working as a tour guide in New Zealand, Sweden and Norway she decided to start her own tour company. Today Mid Scandinavia Tours are proud to welcome you off the beaten tourist track to the most hidden and unique places in Scandinavia!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with something. We’re here for you!

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