Mid Scandinavia Tours takes you off the beaten tourist track to the most hidden and unique places in Scandinavia. From the moment you book a guided coach tour with us you can be sure you are in good hands. You will be traveling in a small group of 10 to 15 people and we’ll arrange everything from hotels, activities and local meals. 


Tailor made tours are also offered where we plan and book the trip on request. We’re ready to be your local guide, revealing the secret places of mid Scandinavia!

The history of Mid Scandinavia Tours

My name is Jennifer Kristensson, the founder of Mid Scandinavia Tours. I grew up in mid Scandinavia, where the summer nights are bright, and the winter bring its magic. Here the adventure is just around the corner and the nature has always been my playground.

I think that’s what brought me to study adventure tourism. It was a great education, and it opened the world for me. The first step was to Norway where I guided groups in the mountains during the summer and worked as a ski instructor during the winter. It was so fun to meet new people and to show them the culture and the beautiful landscape of mid Scandinavia. 


After my time in Norway, I was ready for my next step. It took me to New Zealand where I guided people from all over the world on bus tours around the islands. The bus tours were 23 days long and it was great to see how people started the tour as strangers and in the end of the tour it was a whole bus of friends.


No matter where in the world I was, the same thought always came back to me. What I’ve been taking for granted during my childhood in mid Scandinavia is something very special. A longing started to grow in my soul. I wanted to come home and share a part of my childhood with the rest of the world. To be able to do that I took the next step on my adventure, I left New Zealand and I founded Mid Scandinavia Tours!


It has been a long journey from the evening when I was walking by the sea in New Zealand and decided to start my own bus tour company in Scandinavia, to where I am today.


I’m so happy to have my own company and be able to welcome you onboard my own bus and to experience Mid Scandinavia with me. I want to share the sky full of stars, the quiet sunsets over a crystal-clear lake, the culture and the stunning surroundings that we have here in mid Scandinavia with the rest of the world!


Welcome to your Mid Scandinavia Tour!

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